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Why we should be eliminating the Word “Try” from our vocabulary

We have all heard and used the word “Try” many times in our lives:

  • “If at first you don’t succeed… Try, Try again”Try Try Again
  • “Keep Trying”
  • “Try our best”
  • “Try again”
  • “I will Try”
  • “Let’s Try to get together”
  • “Give it the old college Try”
  • “Try to Relax”
  • “Try something new”

If the word “Try” is so commonly used, why should we eliminate it?

Words have power.  Either consciously or subconsciously, words can have a power effect on our thought processes, emotions, and behaviors.  So, being mindful of the effect that words can have, and structuring vocabulary and language patterns accordingly, we can have a significant impact on our live, as well as those around us.

Try HarderThe word “Try” implies failure, or at the very least, a lack of adequate action.  If I say I am going to “Try” to do something, I am really saying “I am going to attempt to do it, but not actually do it”.  If I say, I “am” going to “do” something, this has a much different meaning to it.


If we continually use certain words, we reinforce them in the mind.  This consistent reinforcement in the mind creates patterns based on the input information.  These patterns are what directs thought processes and behaviors.

If the input is “Try”, subconsciously the mind is interpreting this “attempt to the point of not succeeding”.

Input, combined with past experience, dictates outcomes.  If we want to change the output, we have to change the input.  This provides new data points, and changes what our subconscious relies on to direct thought processes, and ultimately our behaviors.

Instead of engaging in “Trying”, replace this with “Doing”.  Consider the difference to the subconscious mind.

  • “I am going to Try to meet the deadline”

Replace with

  • “I am going to meet the deadline”

By removing the “Try” we do not give the subconscious the option of a failure.  This provides a much different input to mind.  While simple in process, the effect can be extremely profound.  The power of the mind to influence thought processes and behaviors, which can dictate future outcomes is incredible.

Think about a time when you have Tried to make a change in your life.  Perhaps to lose weight, stop an addictive behavior, or change recurring patterns in relationships.  Only to find yourself back in the same place you started time and time again.  Now, consider a time when you Did make a change, and it was successful.  See the difference.  Your brain already has a point of reference for this type of thinking.  Try = Not Successful.  Do = Success.

Make a commitment to yourself, to focus on the things that predisposition you to succeed.  And eliminate the things the that may set us up for failure.  Imagine how much different you can be.  How does it look to you, to have the success you have been seeking?  How does it feel to take back control of areas of your life that may have seemed out of control?  Give the right input, put in the work, and the output will be more than you have imagined.

“Do, or Do Not, There is No Try ~Master Yoda






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