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IFH Partners with DownRange Excursions

DownRange ExcursionsIntegrated Functional Health announces partnership with DownRange Excursions.

DRE is a local organization that works with local combat veterans.

DownRange Excursions provides tangible and healthy, therapeutic alternative options for our nation’s veterans and service members who struggle with combat PTSD, substance abuse, over medication, and other service related issues.

DownRange Excursions gives veterans who struggle with similar issues a chance to come together and regain a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood that they have lost since transitioning to civilian life.  By providing gym memberships through Quad City Strongman, and DownRange Excursions such as paddling, hiking, camping, and rock climbing, veterans and service members are given a new outlook on life and introduced to healthy alternative coping methods. These methods drastically improve their mental well-being, giving them the ability to move forward in civilian life with a new drive and perspective that they may have been missing.

Integrated Functional Health is proud to partner with DRE in their mission to improve the lives of veterans in our local community.  The services available at Integrated Functional Health help serve that mission.  By connecting the services at Integrated Functional Health to the veterans that can most benefit from this type of help, we are able to bridge the gap to better health.

Warrior Wednesdays will be a staple of the services provided at no cost to veterans.  Floatation Therapy is an incredible tool to help many of the issues or veterans are facing.

Providing help to veterans struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and other issues help to save lives, and builds a stronger person that is better integrated in the community.  Many are looking for alternatives to the standard approach of pharmaceuticals.  Integrated Functional Health and DownRange Excursions and both committed to helping those who have chosen this path.  We look forward to this partnership and the positive changes that both organizations will make in helping the veterans within our community.

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