Adding IDLife Nutrition at Integrated Functional Health

Meeting the requests of our clients

More and more of our clients have been interested in supplementing their diet to meet their true nutritional needs.  Many have been asking for some direction not only in how best to do this, but also which supplements are right for them, and which brands they can trust.  What supplements will actually deliver what they have on their label.

Integrated Functional Health

How we responded

As these questions and requests began to become more and more frequent, it became clear that we wanted to provide this guidance to our clients.

So we began researching different products, suppliers, and companies in an effort to point people in the right direction.  This was quite an eye opening experience.  And there was a lot to consider.

One of the problems (or blessings, depending on how you want to look at it) is that nutritional supplements are not regulated in the U.S.  This means that what is on the label may not actually be what’s inside.  It also means that supplements may also contain substances that we may want to avoid.  There is no oversight to the quality of ingredients, or the the end product.

To overcome this lack of oversight, we began looking at companies that verified the quality of their products with outside 3rd party lab testing.  There are very few as a percentage that do this.  Understandable as there is no requirement to do so, and it is quite expensive, thereby raising the cost to bring a product to market.  This usually translates into a higher price point for the product.

Another consideration for us was how well does a company’s philosophies and practices mesh with our own.  How well will their products and services mesh with what we are currently offering, and what where we are going in the future.  We were looking for a company that could deliver high quality products that were GMO Free, Gluten Free, and Organic.

What else can they offer

Are there additional tools and resources that we can utilize to help our clients?  Anytime we can enhance what we are doing, and give clients better information, and more tools to help them on their journey to better health, we are going to take a very serious look at it.  This was another factor we looked at when researching companies and products.

What did we find

The short story is we did find a company that we feel meets all of the requirements we had.  And could bring additional value to our clients.

IDLife will mesh seamlessly with our treatment programs at Integrated Functional Health.

We are excited to be working with IDLife to provide our clients with the products, tools, and education that will no doubt help propel them as far as they are willing to go.

Why we chose IDLife

Quality Products

  • 3rd Party Lab Testing for Quality and Purity
  • Informed Choice and Informed-Sport Certification on most products
    • This is a serious added bonus and evidence of the company’s commitment to the quality of their products.  Informed Sport Certification is a voluntary certification that indicates the products bearing this certification have been tested to ensure they DO NOT contain any substances banned for athletes.

Individually Designed

  • Anyone that has been to our clinic and has spent any time with us knows how we feel about individualizing treatments customized to the client we are working with.  Taking into consideration the unique differences we have from one another.  How these differences influence the effectiveness of a particular course of treatment.
  • IDLife embraces this same concept by creating a Individually Designed Nutrition Plan customized to each person.  Taking into consideration the person’s medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle.  Recommending supplements that would be helpful for their unique situation while blocking supplements that may be harmful or have adverse interactions with certain medication.
  • Chronobiology – Some substances are better absorbed or processed better at certain times of the day or night.  ID Nutrition recommends the best times to take your personalized supplements and separates them automatically.
  • Individually packaged supplements.  Each day of supplements is individually packed into AM and PM doses complete with your name on each package.

Additional Tools

  • FREE ID Health Assessment
    • Provides the basis for the Individually Designed Nutrition Plan
    • Provides a Health Score that can be tracked over time
    • Download your Health Report and Learn why each of the recommendations were made for you
  • DNA Testing
    • Are your Genetic Markers impacting your weight, metabolism, vitamin processing, and exercise efficiency.  Learn what to look for and how to make adjustments so you are working with your metabolism instead of against it.
    • DNA Test results can be added to your FREE ID Health Assessment and get an even more personalized supplement plan.  Personalized right down to the molecules of your DNA.


  • The amount of education available to our clients through IDLife is amazing.  Better education leads to better decisions, which leads to better results.

Talk to us about how these additional resources from IDLife might be incorporated into your treatment to enhance your results even more.

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