Float Fundraising

Float Tank Fundraising

Float Fundraising

Float Fundraising is an excellent opportunity for your organization to partner with Integrated Functional Health to provide an unique opportunity that benefits the participant, and also raises funds for your organization.

Float GuyFloat Tank Therapy is a fast growing intervention that many people are using for pain relief, improved mobility, and the promotion of a deeply relaxed state of both mind and body.  Many people report improvements in symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, poor concentration/focus, as well as improvements in sleep patterns.

Imagine, floating effortlessly on only 10-11 inches of water that is completely saturated with Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt).  The effects of gravity essentially eliminated.  Allowing the spine to decompress, stress removed from the joints, and muscles to completely let go and relax, promoting improved blood flow and oxygenation, while decompressing blood vessels, lymph channels, and nerves.  Add to this a significant reduction in sensory input in a sound and light reduced environment, with water heated to match your skin temperature.  This reduction is sensory input counteracts the sensory overload that we are exposed to an a daily basis.  This unique environment allows for a profound state of both mental and physical relaxation that promotes rest and healing of the brain and nervous system.

Learn more about floating on our Floatation Therapy Page.

Your organization can earn $$$ by offering Float Tank Sessions at Integrated Functional Health and providing people with the health experience described above.  This is great a opportunity for your group to generate additional revenue at an event, and also on an ongoing basis as most people continue with floating on a regular basis.  We make it easy, and best of all, with no cost to your organization.

We have a limited number of openings available for organizations to participate in this program.  So be sure to secure your spot today.  Complete the application form below.

Float Tank Fundraising Program:

  • Your organization promotes Float Tank Services to your supporters in person, at live events, through E-Mail, or on Social Media
  • For every regularly priced Float Session ($60) that your supporters engage in, Integrated Functional Health will donate $20 to your organization.  Participant must let us know that their session is supporting your organization.  Organization must be approved as a Float Fundraising partner prior to being eligible for donations.  
  • We will even help you in promoting this opportunity to your supporters.
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