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DNA Testing

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DNA Testing

Have you ever noticed how two people can follow the same diet and exercise program and get completely different results?

The reason for this is that every person is unique.  Right down to the building blocks of their DNA.  These unique genetic differences influence how we process foods, how we absorb vitamins & nutrients, how our bodies respond to different types of exercise, and many other aspects of health.

Unlike genetic testing that is used for genealogy or determining national heritage, this test is designed to look at specific genes and their alterations that can affect weight, diet, metabolism, vitamins, and exercise.

DNA collection is simple and non-invasive.  Rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek to collect your specimen.  Return the swabs in the prepaid envelop to the lab, and in a couple of weeks you will have your results.  Results are HIPPA protected and your information is never shared or sold to 3rd parties.

Understanding your genetic profile gives you valuable information that you can use to help maximize your results by working with your genetic makeup, instead of against it.

Use the information contained in your 45+ page report to customize your food intake, exercise, and nutritional supplementation programs.

While you are waiting for your results, take our FREE HIPPA Protected Health Assessment to get Individually Designed nutritional recommendations.  This individualized plan also takes into consideration your health conditions and any medications you may be taking.  Providing you with recommendations that are beneficial, and none that may interfere with your medical conditions or medications.

Once you receive your genetic report, add those results to your Health Assessment to get an even more targeted plan that considers your unique genetic profile.