About Us


We provide the most unique combination of natural service in the Quad Cities area.  With such a wide variety of services available under one roof, and our extended network of trusted healthcare practitioners locally, and across the world, we can provide well rounded and holistic approach to your unique health challenges.


Our mission is to continue to provide natural treatment options within a holistic model of care.  By doing so, we seek to not only improve the health and well being of those that we serve, but to also empower the individual with tools and resources necessary to take control of their health.


We bring together several different healing modalities that can work together to improve health and vitality of those we serve.  By utilizing safe and effective treatment options, we give people an option help improve their health naturally.  Our services can me utilized on their own, or in conjunction with other medical treatments and modalities.

Our Team

Matt DeWild RN LMT Cht CHI

Matt DeWild
Owner, Lead Therapist

Matt DeWild is an accomplished practitioner with over 20 years experience in healthcare.  He has studied and learned from some of the best around the globe.  With a background and training in both traditional western medicine, as well as natural and holistic healing techniques, Matt understands the benefits, and limitations, that each bring.  As such, he is well positioned to help people bridge the gap between the two and bring together techniques and services from both worlds and allow clients to feel empowered regarding their own decisions about their healthcare and treatment.

Now Hiring

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Currently seeking Massage Therapist to join our team.  Clinically focused Massage Therapy.   Should be proficient in deep tissue massage.  Flexible hours.  Looking for that right person who is looking to build a successful practice in a unique and fun clinic environment.  Perks for employees.  If you have what it takes, contact us.

Jonathan DeWild

Jonathan DeWild
Marketing - Public Relations

Jonathan DeWild is regularly found talking to others about the services offered at Integrated Functional Health.  He loves to assist clients in the clinic and can sometimes be found instructing them on ways to help improve their health.

When Jonathan is not in the office he is often busy with his schoolwork, or building engineering marvels of the future.  High fives, knuckle bumps, and hugs are this guy’s go to for breaking the ice and getting to know someone.  He understands the value in connecting with those in our clinic, and treats everyone like family.

Lynn Madison LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Why choose us?

We are always striving to bring the best in Float and Massage Therapy to the Quad Cities.  In addition, the other services that we offer only serve to enhance either the Floating, or Massage Therapy experience.  As the only clinic to offer such a collection of services, we are well positioned to serve the needs of our clients.

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