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Floating For Veterans - Alternative Therapy for PTSD, TBIs & Concussions

Float therapy helping veterans with PTSD

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Warrior Wednesdays

Warrior Wednesdays is our way of say “Thank You” to the Men and Women who have served our country in Military Service.  We want to give back, and show our appreciation for your service and sacrifice.

We offer FREE Floatation Therapy for our military veterans on Wednesdays.  Floatation Therapy has been found to be very helpful with decreasing symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as pain and mobility issues.

Many people have found that by utilizing Floatation Therapy, either as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with other treatment modalities, that they are able to decrease their symptoms, and move forward towards better health.

Our extra large Float Tank is a massive 8ft x 8ft with open tank design.  This means that there is no top on it,  and it is completely open.  This eliminates any issue with claustrophobia, or feeling closed in.  Ideal for those who may experience increased anxiety in that type of an environment.

You can learn more about our Float Tank Here.

Read about Floating Frequently Asked Questions Here.

We truly believe that Floatation Therapy can be beneficial to almost everyone for a wide variety of conditions.  And, over 40 years of research would back this up.  We also understand that many of veterans are suffering, and that this could be of real benefit to them.  We want to make this type of treatment available to those that deserve it the most.

In addition to our Warrior Wednesdays, we also offer an ongoing Hero Discount on all services for Military, Police, Fire, and EMS

Due to limited availability, please call our office to schedule your Warrior Wednesdays Float.  (563) 484-0550.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.